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Reviews for "Blasting Agent"




Where is the Blue Upgrade in Level 2. To my under standing there 3 upgrades in Level one, And three upgrades in Level 3. But I only found 2 ( The red and greem)
in Level 2. So wheres the 3rd (Blue Upgrade) in level at?


YET AGAIN! NO PAUSE BUTTON!!! COME ON REALLY!!! How long have we been playing games on the web now for and we need to a pause feature cuz some of us are at work! I woulda gave it a 10 cuz it reminded me of contra and a hint of metroid from the old days, but you forgot the damned pause button!

bitpimp responds:

Well give it a ten because you pause by pressing ESC or clicking off the game.
Should you be playing games at work? Answer = HELL YEAH


Was really good, the enemies looked pretty good, i just think the main char a little too much pixel and too little design, i just think he could have looked more "memorable"

I only beat easy mode but i found that the dash is kinda glitchy since if the platform is low enough but too hi to jump, u can jump and dash and u will get up.

The bazooka was useful so u don't have to hear the shooting sound non-stop but it was a bit overpowered (one shot kill most), since u dont fight a million enemies at once, plus its really strong since u get in it hard mode and it's way more useful then the basic pistol.

But if you get bored and feel like killing yourself (well stuck), in level one where you get the hp upgrade in the wall before the boss. When you go to get the hp upgrade, dash to get it and you can get stuck above it, you can simply dash to the right to get out, but if you keep dashing to the left you will fall under the map, and you can't get back up, only move to right and left.

But in short, good game, good music, i like it (add double jump tho, not for any real reason, just double jump is fun)

bitpimp responds:


Spoiler again - do not read if you don't like spoilage:
First upgrade on level 1 hard is double jump.

I agree double jump is fun.

Wats with the crappy graphix

overdid pixelated graphics but other than that a mediocre game nothin' new or cool

bitpimp responds:

Well, I am sorry this wasn't your bag o fun brother! Maybe our next game will tickle what ever it is that you consider your fancy.