Reviews for "Blasting Agent"


Well, this game is like HELL. I can't even pass the first level because I can't jump. The sign told me to press the X button, and I did, so I did the J button, and THAT DIDN'T WORK.
Dis is bull...
(Just so you know, I can move, and I can shoot with both buttons. so don't tell me "Your fucking keyboard isn't fucking on, bitch")

Great game

Its really great game that you definitely should check out. It has great retro graphics with modern look, music is quite good and gameplay is sheer oldschool goodnes, only bad thing about this game is that its too easy on easy.

Good game

The game is nice, very retro. The upgrades are cool too. This deserves a 7-8 but the reason I'm giving it a 5 is because the cave music is a clear rip-off of the music from Bionic Commando.

bitpimp responds:

Well, the music was original. Bunnymajs, the musician, is a big Capcom fan. That would explain the similarities. I too am a Capcom fan!

The Bionic Commando sound track from the NES is a work of art, and having something that reminds you of it is a huge compliment.

Nothing works, I can't play it.

Something's wrong, after I click to play, I can't even start the first level!


really fun
the upgrades are really helpful and cool