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Reviews for "Zelda3: FreeLoading Link"

So that's what happens in the houses!

You hit the nail with right on the head with this hammer of a flash. I just KNEW that Link was in for some trouble with private residents! This was awesome, insanely funny, and just downright worthy of an unmade Hall of Fame!


This film is good but shood be longa!

Hahaha. That Was Funny.

That was hilarious that someone tackled the issue of the RPG characters' problem of breaking and entering. That was funny...but the problem was the lame sound effects...But "8" is still a good score. No bitching!

I always thought it was weird how Link barged in..

Mwahahaha, pretty good. Link _is_ always just coming into people's houses, and it is kind of bizzare. o_O This is good stuff. ^_^


dude where is my car i thought i had it? man zelda stole my car!! lol lol