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Reviews for "Zelda3: FreeLoading Link"


well it could have been bettter, but i liked it any way.

Not bad...

It wasn't too bad...But it could have been better. I liked it that someone played off the fact that Link actually does barge into people's houses. Other than that it wasn't very good...

U coukld of done better i think

It was funny, not laugh out loud funny. it could have been rendered better. The graphics were just ripped out of the snes video game. It could have been longer, it kinda ended abrubtly, kinda left me hanging. Meybe if you made a ¨the next day¨scene, it would be way funnier. :) also violence helps a lot in my opinion, although not always. i hope i didn´t discourage you from making others, but rather, in a way gave u ideas on how to improve? ^^; well i wish u luck. ...this got a tad long... :/

Fags like yourself need to die

The idea was funny, your take on the subject was not... what else can i say but that you suck...


Ah ha ha! That was great!