Reviews for "Bomb Droid"


It ran too bad for me to vote nicely on. I love your stuff fishy.. but this was too damn slow

This sux like well ya know what sucks

This sucks i should Blam! this off of newgrounds its so damn bad and thats bad because i only blamed about 7 yesterday

Its kinda fun

this game is heaps of fun, but you should have multiplayer andbetter graphics and sounds

Total crap

The guy who posted before me was right. This is total crap. The SNES version kicked ass, but this is just total crap.

Slow, too little enemies, takes forever to get across a level. I quit before even beating the 1st level.

not the greatest

i think you could work on it a bit more...get a few power ups in there too for the bombs and try make it a little easier to move around
keep it up.