Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

it was....ok

it was ok it was differnt i well tell you that

not as good as the original....

by far. dont get me wrong it wasnt a bad remake... just different...but weel done anyway


...I tried like 50 times to pass the 1st level....
...and I didn't pass it!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe I try too hard....

I like the set up of the game

The way in which the game gets played out I liked, but the lack of passwords annoyed me.

Good remake anyways

Well, I must say it is a pretty good remake of a boring game, heh. try remaking the one for snes.
also, there is a bug. It happens when there is a bomb, then a wall, then a bomb. Bomb 1 still sets off bomb 2 despite the wall. =(