Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

pretty good

I like it, I've always liked bomberman. It has good power up and I think it's a good shot at an old favorite.


It is a game that has a fun idea but it needs a bit of work.it does lose the players interest after time.

i like it

this is pretty good. i like it. losing all your powerups when you die is frustrating, but i wouldnt say you should change it.

and to the idiots who are yelling that this is ripping off bomberman, ARE YOU RETARDED? its in the game remakes category. its supposed to be like bomberman.

Its fun but a little 2 hard. Needs powere ups.

It could use some work, but its still a good game. I hate that you can get killed by your own bombs, the game needs a health bar for Bomb Droid.


not an awesome game but not a pile of half baked crap either