Reviews for "Bomb Droid"


Not bad. Could have made it a bit more fun though. It just gets repetitive after awhile.

Got a problem?

hey lordtunnel, if this game matters that much to you, you need help, bad. Not a bad game at all, ratin it a 4.

Only One Word Can Describe This

SHIT You ripped Bomber Man--And didn't do it justice. In fact, you seem like the freak who can ruin almost anything. You must have such a thick head dimonds can't break it. Man Don't Ever Make another game. Lest one that you must live up to. You could ruin Helen's look--thats PATHETIC man! By the way its interactive I THREW UP! The words of insults are to vast for this small margin to hold. BAH!


wtf was the point of that?!?!! whats the point of having lives when you die it makes you restart all over again!!! i had 5 stars powerup and then i died and i got fucked up. the boss were motherfucking hard plus the powerups disappear. the real bomberman is better than this BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP my hamster can do better!

gets boring quick but still good

i loved the originbal bomberman but your version was too slow. dont be restricted by the old rules because then your copy can only do worse then the original.
and when bomb droid dies dont make us start all over again. whats the point of a life if all it does is make me start at the begining of the game?