Reviews for "Level Up!"

Very,Very Good

Heartbreaker is possible,but i guess Insomniac is nearly impossible!
Other than that,5/5 10/10

Really Entertaining

The game is really good!!! the boss is tricky but when you're evading it you can see the way to beat him!! (dont want to make spoilers of how to beat him X3) The game feel good and a little adicctive too. some moves i dont really get the use (like the Dash) but is a good game!! my only question is if is a only ending or you have other endings if you clear the game 100% (only made it 98% XD)

10/10 absolutely, especially for the useless but funny Idle xD

One Word, Kick-ASS

This game is awesome! The gameplay, style, and story, and the retro feel! Awesome job, we need more games like this.


Even if I complete the game a fourth time, is very fun. I like it. If it's first time you playing, you can lose the game( I don't know if it's possible). This will be more cool if was a ,,two part'' like in Hansel and Greatel(game)


this game is so awesome!!!!!!!