Reviews for "Level Up!"

Great Game ^^

at first i was getting anoyed by the nightmear,but i still played it, great game,the demo was fun too,alittle creepy but that was good to

I love it

Can't wait for the sequel. Heart Breaker was easy on the 5th or 6th day though. Aside from someplace I can actually see what all medals I've gathered, everything seems great. The demo looked promising also. Although I'm not sure what that code will bring to the 2nd game unless we get to play as both of em.


I finnaly beat the game today, and man was I IMPRESSED. It has a cool story, and some awesome nostalgic gameplay. By the way, anyone who wants a sequel, just get 100 percent and activate the computer. ;)

The good ol days

i loved this game so much. it is an excellent work! it reminds me of the nes days...
and i love games involving leveling.


For some reason I've managed to unlock "Fountain of Knowlege" , without having the last entry of CODEX.
And the inulnerability after the DASHlasts too long , making BOSS fight rather boring.
Apart from that pretty nice game.