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Reviews for "Level Up!"

awesome game, I played alot of times on kongregate by far one of the best games out there, I wish gather up wasnt cancelled please help fi you know where sequal is?

This game is still fun! I keep coming back to play this game over and over, and that's because the core of the game is simple for a collect-a-thon with stats, and it's been executed fantastically!
I love how, despite losing practically every important stat when you fail the nightmare sequence, you still learn everything FASTER! Sadly, this game has also shown to be extremely buggy. Losing momentum when I land, having the shadow somehow disappear(It can still hurt me, but it's invisible and not doing anything), the fact that you can win the shadow fight by basically standing still if your defensive stats are high enough, your acceleration(and by extension, deceleration) being awfully slow and the graphics, even though it's very simple, being rather flat for certain tiles.

Overall, very good game. It's simple and fun to get 100%, and it's not very tedious at all, and there's even some replay value in the medals, but the insane amounts of bugs, whether it be game-breaking ones or just annoyances, make it hard to rate any higher.

Still waiting for news on the sequel... or is it a remake now? Hard to find news of what you're doing...

i remember playing this game when i was a kid. i wish this project wasnt abandoned i was really looking forward to part 2. sadly this is one of those old grounds classics that was lost to time. we'll miss you nifty hat <3

The newgrounds classic. I remember playing this years and years ago, and it still holds up. Not perfect - if you aren't very good at games the hard resets every morning can be hurtful, but if you know what you are doing, there's plenty of enjoyment to be found.

Game beaten on day 3.

The game is amazing, this game have some chance to go steam? or download?