Reviews for "Level Up!"


i got everything and my game is saved all u got to do is lode ur save game and there and i have 100% and u get to play a demo of the hero which is the boy


Day 9, got all skills/level, 99.3% of gem.

Killed by the boss again but this time, the game freezes and I have to refresh. Omg guess what, I have to start over.

Let's just say I lost 2 hours of my time (which would be fine if it was not for that damn freezing) to simply hae to try again.

No thanks.

I still give 8 because the concept is interesting.

took like 30 min for 100%

i loved it, and was quick at it, but the only thing was i did everything but the lovestruck challenge, the one where you kill the thing with 1 life, i couldnt do it, but besides the point, i didnt get medals, wtf? still 9/10, because i didnt get medals :(


Well what else could a review for such a game say? There was nothing bad about it. Not a thing. Very enjoyable, fun gameplay, colorful environments, easy controls, fair upgrades, everything is very fluid, penalties on death instead of gameover, checkpoints.... Heck there's not a reason why someone wouldn't love this apart from utter confusion.

Great Game.

Its fun, the graphics are great for the style that you're using, the audio is very catchy, the controls are good, and all in all, the game is very addictive.

My only issue is the fact that none of the Medals work for me. I have 5/5 blue gems, 55/55 codex pages, 10/10 postboxes, and 644/660 red gems, and I have yet to unlock a single medal.