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Reviews for "Level Up!"

my god

i've been up 3 hours till 244 AM, i've beaten the nightmare and the game. i have gotten every achievement but heartbreaker, and it hasn't counted any of them. but amazing game.

Originality at its best

Truly amazing ideas you had.
I loved everything, the little goals to accomplish and all those abilities i could do and how they leveled up. X]
I just couldnt defeat the Dream battle and couldnt figure out how to beat the game...
so 9/10 on that, just fix up some stuff and make more! Oh, Please make more, you better... o.o

Great Game

Well. Took me quite a while to figure out the ending. Very enjoyable and the graphics are good. Nice gameplay too. Just couldn't figure out whats the lat codex.. Anybody knows?

Great game!

I feel great because I was one of the reviewers who helped this through the portal! Did you change the parameters on the dash? I used to be able to use it more frequently and I recently noticed it takes longer to use after each time. Kinda makes the nightmare that much harder to beat. Anyway, I've played and beat the game a few times and I think it's excellent. Not only does it have great replay value but the dialogue is intriguing and fun.
I look forward to the next game! (which I may or may not have sampled) ;)

Love the game

Nightmare is hard though. Also, love the Half Life: Full Life Consecuences reference. John Freeman's brother dying in the Zombie Goast invasion of '69. hillarious.