Reviews for "Level Up!"

almost an awesome game. but still great

ok...so honestly when i realized this was just a collection type game i was very dissapointed. then i realized that the basic map layout was akin to super metriod and the idea of learning skills from native creatures was also unoriginal. i really dont think this was intentional tho, and thats why i still gave you 8/10. what really brings your score down for me is the annoyance of the nightmare round.

Anyhow i did like the game... the night mare round (tho beatable once you figure out the pattern) was simply annoying, and you could have done alot more with the premise of leveling up instead of a simple collection / perform a stunt type game.

the 100% completion was great however... although there may be a bug (i didnt read any other comments) because im fairly sure that after beating the game once... when i came back to complete i suddenly had 100% instead of 98%. i could be wrong tho, because i wasn't really paying a huge amount of attention to the numbers!... but great ending!

I loved it Ioved it I loved it

until the game crashed, froze, destroyed the life that created in fifteen minutes.

So just squash the bugs in the game and people will probably give you the same wonderful score that's posted above.

Glitched = Bad

Twice I was beating the "nightmare" but when he was almost dead it would suddenly say I was overwhelmed by the nightmare blah blah blah when I still had 4 or 5 hearts left.

Just bad.

repetitive in a good way

VERY entertaining, fun, good control and even great music. I managed to make like 99.7%, having played the same stage several times, and yet i wasn`t bored. I missed only like 6 gems, but that's MY problem, I guess...


Awesome design and concept. I <3 pixely games :D The only drawback I saw was the drawings after the memory was restored. They just felt out of place. Other than that though...Awesome