Reviews for "Level Up!"


Ya know...I almost ragequit the first time the nightmare beat me and I had to start over. I stuck with it and actually found this to be a great game.

The game was very original and I loved playing it. There's something I like about gaining levels just for standing around and I'm a sucker for 16-bit sprites. Level design was great. Some of the things you had to do to achieve skills were very difficult, but I like the fact that you allowed me to be a pansy and just buy those abilities.

The technical issues kept me from voting 10 on this one. The invisibility bug didn't kick in until around day 7 but by then the nightmare was almost too easy to beat. I'm not sure, since I was invisible the whole time, but it seems that the dash ability can make you invulnerable throughout almost the entire fight. Just dash into one wall and then dash into the other. Rinse and repeat until you've collected all of the gems.

Also, I refreshed the screen at one point in attempt to try to cure the invisibility glitch and I may have noticed a couple of more bugs. The waterspouts no longer worked but, when I went to the lever, it acted like I had already pulled it. Also, are you supposed to have to pay 100 gems to open the door again?

Another weird one came after I got your reward for 100% completion. After it sent me to the start screen, I went back into the game to get it again and I was unable to interact with any gems. They just hung there while I walked right on through them. I was however able to collect the gems I needed to get back to 100%.

Speaking of the 100% completion reward...very nice. I look forward to the next game. :)

it's good

but definitely needs work. the lack of instruction really just ruins it. i really do want to like this game, but i can barely play it because i don't understand anything. i got stuck in the menu because i didn't know how to get out, i didn't know what was going on in the "nightmare", so i just waited for it to end, but it didn't.

the game freeze

after the morning i beated the nightmare i spoke to the boy and the game stopped moving
plz fix it cuz its a cool game :)

I would love to actually play this

But every time I hit the first Nightmare the girl i invisible and stays that way when she wakes up. Kind of important to the game play to know where my character is.

Deal Breaker

I'd probably be giving this game a 9 if it weren't for the invisibility bug everyone keeps complaining about.

It's a fantastic game, but it's like getting a small taste of a delicious fudge brownie only to have it snatched away :(

Very frustrating!