Reviews for "Madness Agony 2: Volume 1"

It was k.

But I can see it's made with a bad computer.


pretty awesome

ohh ok...

i was like wait a minute then i saw ur comment about the animation, but anywho well done!


Better than you've ever done dunso! Pretty good, but the voices and subtitles suck.
BTW, just right click-play. Pretty good.

Dunso responds:

Rly? The preloader doesn't work? You should have told me more specificly what voices you don't like, mine ore Dungeecount's? (Dungeecount makes heather's voice) And what could possibly be wrong with the subs?

I wish I could see it!

Your preloader won't work, you can't play anything....
You might want to submit it agian, just fix the preloader, you know!