Reviews for "Madness Agony 2: Volume 1"

excellent movie

Great Action, plenty of Blood.
Sounds are clear.
Heather's voice is WAY to soft, i could barely hear her.
I don't like cliffhangars.
ending musics continues forever, change that.

overall, great movie, Dunso.


Dunso responds:

The ending music continues so you can hear the song til' the end if you like it, otherwise you can just close the window. I also think the voice could have been louder, but I can't change it now. The file has a tremendous lag that my computer presently can't handle :C

ha thats the day of my birthday

spaderz thats my birthday(december20)


but, the music should had been more actionery, maybe un need to speed it up


OMFG THAT IS AMAZING MUSIC oh also is there gonna be more members of pro dudes

Dunso responds:

Probably :)


i'am just completely surprised you have extremely improved i mean holy shit! the animation is great so is the drawings damn dunso you made an EPIC job!

Dunso responds:

Gee thank's, this really made my day! Merry Christmas Spaderz!