Reviews for "Madness Agony 2: Volume 1"

Vad gör du här??!

haha, fun idea to have a swedish line, totally came from nowhere and had me laughing hard.
The animation was pretty smooth and good, but the whole madness thing had been done so many times before, so I can't give a full tenner to something unoriginal.
Now, I'm not saying that there should be no more madness, just less tributes and madness unofficial series, it feels so... done before, you know what I mean?

To sum it up - nice animation, ok sound effects, funny lines, not a clear story, if this is a follow up part of a previous animation, you could have shown a quick flashback in the beginning.
The whole idea is played out though and is the biggest reason of why I am giving you a 7.
Keep it up, and maybe next time you could try and come up with a whole new concept? Would be cool to see what you could do with that!
Good luck on your future projects!

Dunso responds:

The story will become much clearer in Vol. 2, I can assure you!