Reviews for "The Gun Game"

Great game! Eventually got all the medals. The campaign and challenges are all at a suitable difficulty.

i have to agree with TheCarbonEffect the actual term is mags or the longer word not "clips" buuuuut its a good game

Why are magazines in this game called clips?

1 medal is play for four hours when you get sick of it gust open a new window and come back in 4 hours

I enjoyed this game a lot. Lots of unlockables, low bug rate...but there was two things that I had a problem with.

1) The Kar 98k speed challenge takes me 8 seconds base minimum, due to very slow bolt action; the challenge is 4 seconds or less for expert. This also makes the accuracy challenge impossible to get more than 3/5, again because of bolt speed. Keeping in mind of course that I have NOT completed the "Kar 98k Run" achievement.

2)The SPAS-12 speed run seems impossible. I can't get below 5 seconds, and it says two seconds for expert. It takes too long to pump with the spread as it is. I did complete the achievement for this weapon.

I am having trouble with the Beretta PM-12 and FAMAS accuracy challenges, but I think that's ME and not the game.