Reviews for "The Gun Game"


I bet offesenvive level 4 but I don't have the scoprion unlocked.


This game and the 2nd, are both fun and addicting, but more missions would have been nice.

how you get expret speed with the spas shotgun

2 seconds is not to hard its not inpossable with the spas12 shoot at the top so the shells fall down on the other tragets

How do you get expert speed with a Spas shotgun?

2 seconds?! It's crazy! The best I have is 3...I think you have to get lucky and have the shells fall just the right way or something unless there is a power up I have yet to unlock. Really ruined the experience I got so frustrated shooting the d*** thing. Also the rounds you have to shoot with each gun achievements are kinda lame. I totally pwned the campaign so there is no need to go back and mindlessly shoot-off your gun to get achievements. Otherwise a decent game. Gun Game 2 is certainly an improvement.


SO MANY. but nice game though.