Reviews for "The Gun Game"

Good game but, Whats real name was second revolver? Piecemaker or Peacemaker?

good game :)

Great game, got all achievements, ppl who complain bout the challenges have a slow computer. cause if it loses framerate your timer on speed challenges goes on the normal rate somehow.

Without doubt, one of the best games ever.
It has cool guns, a cool campaign, a diferent gameplay to the most of the other games and the details that make the game completly awesome and respect-worth.

I know there's a second one, but I still prefer this one over The Gun Game 2. However, I wish there was an option to take off achievement-earned bonuses. Not everyone likes to have silver glock bullets. But you know, the second one being out already and all... Well still a good game, although would be nice to have open source code eventually so others may impove upon it, as long as no commercial aspects are involved e.g. making money off of this game without any sort of credit or moneymaking in general.
I still play this game, a wonderful timepasser. I suggest making a throwback edition.