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Reviews for "Trap Master"

Great gameplay but missing a little

Found it very fun indeed.

love this



it was okay just too challenging have high hopes for a better sequel

Wicked Defense game

I dont care what that offset peoples review says, this game is fun, unique and a model for other defense games!

Results for "Trap Master"

Usually,i like i game alot,it kinda gets boring and repitive,but is very good.Here are the results.

STORY-There usually no story,it's just defending your doomchest,so its a 2/10.
GAMEPLAY-You fight repitivly,be super awesome repetively,and defend repitivly,it just gets harder and harder.So its a 5/10.
SOUND-No problems,but the music is repeative,and the sound is reapetive,i hear music and people getting eaten.So its a 7/10
FREEDOM-Not much freedom or much to do in the game.Just defend and kill.5/10
COMMENT-The game is unique from the other defending games.Since because you have a monster.So it's a 7/10

Pretty Good.And unique!