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Reviews for "Trap Master"


ahhh fresh meat!


I must admit I was skeptical at first, but this game kept me playing for a couple hours. It really is fun and addicting. Leveling up all the weapons, character, etc made it worth while. Truly a step up from the other tower defense style games. It's unfortunate there aren't Newgrounds medals and that sometimes it does get laggy, hopefully these can be addressed. Keep up the awesome work.


good game but i will give u 10


A nice refeshment to the subpar games out there.

Misic can get VEY annoying though.

Awesome!!! :D

This game really needs some medals! To unlock the "girl" you have to complete the game first. But trust me... it's not what you think... Sexy, pretty, hot, beautiful... None of that!!! It's just a four eyed brain squid with a pink bow... But the game was fun nevertheless!