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Reviews for "Trap Master"


i give this 10/10 because there is no ending it just keeps going on thing is the couser moves a bit slow

A brutally awesome game!

Granted that it is repetitive, but that's what makes it so great! A never ending stream of humans and siege devices to devour and destroy! Could a passive aggressive Sadist ask for anything more? I enjoy all of the games you make and this is certainly one of my favorites. Thanks!


Great idea, it reminds me a lot of dungeon keeper. Having a monster, fighting off humans, setting traps. Great fun. I loved the blood and violence effects along with the humor of the game, giving it a unique style. One suggestion though, either put in different maps or make the player able to create permanent blocks like those wood blocks to customize the level or something, just to keep it new and exciting instead of just the same defense over and over.

really good

keep up the good work

Overall nice

The game is really nice and addicting. I see no problem to it at all. Its fun, addicting and many more KEEP DOIN' THE GOOD JOB!!! :D