Reviews for "The Tale of Mr. Carter"


i agree with poison green, it was whispered and too fast... i think if ya do it putting more pauses, more volume in some parts, it would be real nice
but i loved the animation style ^^
n the story ^^

SamuriFerret responds:

Thanks very much!

Awesome but...

The animation and the story was brilliance, but not just just the audio quality was bad, but the narrators voice did work well for the story being told.

should be in books

wow that could of gone in a nursery rhyme.

SamuriFerret responds:

Heh, thanks.

Sound needs work

For something that relied so heavily on narration, you really need to clean up the audio. Record your voice in better quality, without all the microphone distortions, and this would be great. I was going to close it and move on, but the rhyme was good enough to keep me watching to the end.

Loved it.

Everything ryhmed which you can never go wrong with. It has a halloween theme; and the story actually had a PLOT. You are going places my friend good job. This is more of what needs to be produced on newgrounds. The only thing that was bad was the graphics but then it's newgrounds so does it really matter?

GOOD JOB, I want to see more!

SamuriFerret responds:

Wow, thanks a lot!