Reviews for "The Tale of Mr. Carter"


well done nice animation and a different voice would make it better

Good flash

This flash needs a deep voice not a child's one, you need someone with that voice, you have to understand that horror poetry need to be recited with a very low and clear voice.
Apart from that Yann Tiersen's tune is perfect, the drawing is good enought, and the animation perfect.


kinda creepy. i liked the poem, but i felt that the animation didnt match the mood of it. the piano did add to the eerie sensation i felt, but only just slightley.

dude you serious?

It was bad odd song or whatever it is. don't know what you were thinking odd flash not sure if the animation was good or not I guess it was okay. stopped watching it song wouldn't stop didn't like it!


youd think the kids grandma would teach him something about takin candy from strangers lol and following them home the animation was cool bad sound and the story was a bit predictable except for the smells part i knew that the guy in the shadows was gonna do soemthin bad to the kid