Reviews for "The Tale of Mr. Carter"


It had an interesting story to it and flowed oh so smooth

SamuriFerret responds:

Heh, thanks for the input.

how depressing

I feel bad for that little boy. This is a depressing animation. Please extend this into a series story where you have "part 1" part 2, part 3 so on. and "to be continued parts"

SamuriFerret responds:

Nah, it was always meant to be a one-off animation.


Great poem and some parts of the flash are put together good.

SamuriFerret responds:



Very interesting! I love the style of animation and the general theme, the poem was brilliant too. Such a great idea.

The only problem is that the speech was too fast, it clashed against the spooky atmosphere you created, though i do like how it seemed to become more frantic at the end.


I ab-so-lutely loved that. The poem was very.. intriguing.. That should learn small kids not to follow strangers eh? :] Excellent work of art (: 10^10/10

SamuriFerret responds:

Heh, thanks very much!