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Reviews for "Snackalope"


It is a great game but it could realy use a volume button or some sort of mute option because the song gets repetitve after looping a few times other than that id say it was very good, good enough for a 5

tinymania responds:

Yeah, that's the trouble with having real songs - do you use a short loop to keep the file size down or use the full track and hope people can wait for it to load?

This WILL pass

So it could've been longer WAY longer. But great little game and cool song


i think this is a nice chilled out game

tinymania responds:

Thank you! That was exactly what we were going for so I'm glad that's what you got out of it :)


Nice game, and it's an original idea. The music and the graphics are very good too.


Fun game! Wicked wicked song!

God I love that song!

fun game, the rabbits movement seemed a little buggy, like after a throw u had to click to reset the rabbit to move again, you should make that automatic.

tinymania responds:

Yeah, that was a tricky balancing act. If we had more time on it we'd probably tweak that.