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Reviews for "Snackalope"

could it be

this game is probably the easiest game i have ever played but is by far one of my favorites the music is calming and its not even annoying even after it looped for the hundredth time

A very simple game

It's the basic launcher game, but both the art style and the music improve it somewhat.
The problem I have is that it's just too simple. There is nothing new or interesting added throughout the entire game, which is short as is. The only new element was the ice platforms, which is barely enough. If there were more interesting elements, like more power-ups etc., then I would have given it a higher score.
However, the splitting was fun, especially when you watch hundreds of rabbits rain down from the sky.

Overall, it's short and simple, but can definitely be built upon.

- MikeyJC

tinymania responds:

Thanks for the feedback. It's our first launcher game and we got most of the things we wanted in there. We are looking forward to doing another one though and you're right - upgrades would really improve it.

You have all my 10!

This is the coolest game I've found on NG since William and Sly!

tinymania responds:

Wow, William and Sly was really cool so thanks!


Good game, graphically it's really beautiful.


This is pretty cool game!
The graphic is good but the music get repetitive after a while. Gameplay is generally good and easy and it's quite original for a launcher game.