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Reviews for "Snackalope"


For your information, that up there is a jackalope face.

A fun game, and it has a nice quirky style. I love it, frankly.

Pretty unique, man!

Dude, this is pretty cool. I've never seen a game quite like this -- in artform anyway. Sure, I've played the launcher game before, but this adds a crazy artsy twist to it. That's what, in my opinion, sets it apart from some of the other games. The only things I would change about it are the fact that the music gets really old and repetitive (not a bad song at all, it reminded me of stuff I used to do in a band one time) and scrapping the advertising. Give the audio credit, but it really shouldn't be at the forefront of your game -- it's just chill background stuff, ya know?


i alwys hated these types of games but im being objectif so..
awesome game its just that it got old fast ways to improve it...
totally screwed levels that are creative
more power ups

A bit tired of these shameless plugs, but...

This is an acceptable action puzzle game. The art style is rather interesting, and the gameplay is mostly smooth, though it gets stuck for a few moments in some places. Not a bad game, but the advertising was a bit bothersome, and I'm sure you'll appreciate knowing that I muted my volume until I was done.

Love it because I'm good at it

I'm ranked #1 so this game is awesome

ok it's also a cool game