Reviews for "Pencilmation #9"

Well Done

Well done, I really enjoyed it.
Nice story and lovable animations.

big fan of pencilmation

i rly love these animated movies MAKE MORE! and if u do can anyone tell me how it can notify me that theres a new one out?
cause iam rly excited for the next one! keep up the good job!

Wow, I thought for a second......

What I mean is, when they cleared their desks.......I thought they would.....

Well, they probably did. Just not in fron of us! XD

Anyway, another solid episode, keep it up!

aw man that was good

i like how you erased and added instead of erase and leave it.

Awesome as always

What I love most about your Pencilmation Episodes is the Clever Titles and that little scratch the pencil makes when its writing on somthing