Reviews for "Pencilmation #9"


another instant classic-possibly my fave can't tell i'm indecisive!
alot of people have commented that you're changing your style
I myself love this newstyle more story oriented
but perhaps every so often make one like the originals
keep it up anyway

Never seen this kind of animation before

How long have you been at work? Ectreamly creative and really good story lines, haha I like them


you still have that old school style of expression that i miss. i dearly hope you don't sell out.


Very nice animation, once again. It was really different than the other episodes, it's not my personal favorite, but still I like it, 'cause it's Pencilmation.
Oh, and the jazz music is really good, that is something I really like and you should keep doing for future episodes.

to or not to email

lol from the age of letters came phones which soon became ignoring but then came the cpu and emails were bothering the crap out of lots so then they give it all up for each other:P
a.k.a very funnyXD