Reviews for "Pencilmation #9"

lol epic

he was probebly thinking how she was the perfect girl, but she had just oneeeeeeeee flaw!. lol
i have actually been watching all of ur pencilmation, and i'm really impressed with the graphics onthis one, i like how u put the hand in it, and he was involved in the story (sorta)
anyway great job, make more plz 5/5 10/10

funny and heartwarming

you gotta love these kind of movies, simple story, told in a creative way with weird abstract occurances. very good job of conveying emotion with basic characters. the music was excellent as well.

continue the fine work sir, this submission is a splendid one, no word of a lie.

very cool.

Always a pleasure to watch your work. The hand was a great move and the Jazz music is pretty cool also. Remember back when you made a Pencilmation and you finished it with having the pen instead of the pencil and then the little stick-man took the pen and you got out the big black texta? Well a follow on from that? yes, i would like to see that.
However i know you can't please everyone.

well done though in making it so far and a number 10 will have to be longer. As it's a double digit and at all points eg: 10, 20, 30 and so on, needs a special one:-)


Just picking up the phone in the wedding... "Hello"... oh, right... I was about to do something important...

Awesome Video's

I've seen almost all of your amazing cartoonish episodes and all I have to say is WOW! From the first episode I say I knew I was your Number 1 Fan!