Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"

a really fun game

and i spent ALOT of time playing it

amorphos+ anyone?


good game!
Here are some cheets:
once you get to lvl 10 u should have about 3 cheets unlocked
use SHIFT + the right arrow key
then use max arrows and max bows
u should see the bes bow and 9999of the best arrows sell the arrows and the bow than use the cheets again ang now u got $$$$ (the bow is about $125,000 and the arrows are about $500,000)

nice,but what happend?....

Is a cool game but ,few things I didn't like about it,first one the increasing prices in the potion and other stuff,second one the medals I earn them but once again nothing like I never played before,and finilly why when you load it you can only play the last stage instead of replay the game with al the upgrades,that will help a lot to complete tasks such as fully power up long bow,etc.overall is a really nice game but this little errors make me put less score.

It's what time?

Did i just spend the last 3 hours playing this game? I think i did... Awesome game!


I've been playing this for like an hour, its Awesome, so addictive! on lvl 25 now :p