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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"

dude not gonna lie i really cant have medal


I have played one or two of these versions now and they are always fun medals are nice and sometimes can be hard but the top view of this game are great the shop is nice to have and some goo reaction from game play so a nice game indeed, maybe change it up from a midevil style to a more high teck one that might be an idea. so I really liked this game, it was amusing and had some differant styles of fun added to it so the extra effort does show, and I also like the creativity here it shows how the game plays and plays to the end giving some replay value, I hope to see some changes for the better and even see this get even more popular then it already is, I Enjoyed your presentation and look for more of your work soon. And once again great job on the effort here.

maybe change it up from a midevil style to a more high teck one.


Pretty good. I see you love NemesisTheory. Same, but the music just doesn't fit. The sound quality too...... But a good game

Awesome game, like the first!!

One of my favorites games!!

good job man!!