Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"

Indeed very addicting

I've spotted 2 or 3 glitch thought ...
one of them is when you have cap locks on the BUTTONS DOES NOT WORK.

You should either fix that or tell others about it ...
Too bad if you don't read this, I am too lazy to send you a PM, if someone wants to, do it.


for some reason the buttons stopped working in one stage, nothing worked.
Thats why i died, and its annoying.

Good game

Yeah its great. For the medal, do you have to finish the final boss level with less that 50% health as well to get the medal? If not it's ripping me off. And if i do have to i cant get all the medals cos i'd have to complete the game again which means i cant get the second to last medal. Also, to fully enhance all the bows you have to get to level 18 7 times. I'd have liked it better if perhaps you got more enhancement points with each different stage, so its easier to upgrade the bows.
Great game though :)


Giving it a 10.. I like these kind of games ^^ its very good, fast paced. Great job!

played this for ages!

i played this game for ages and gotta say i love it

i like the blind effect too =)