Reviews for "Half Assed Pirates"

Not too bad..

A lot better than the daily for this day, but was still should of just ehhh. Perhaps if you made this longer, but would have been better like a story or something. Anyways.. congrats on second =/


I don't see why artists beat themselves and other artists up over this sort of animation. Just because it's short and sweet, doesn't mean that it makes it any less entertaining to watch.

However much or little work went into this, it delivered, I loved it. And of course, I've always loved Josh's voice work. :)

jaxxy responds:

Hey, it's lil jim! 8D Thanks! I was just surprised at how this turned out being so cheaply done - and my first time tweening. Maybe I can manage a little of both now in my flash stuff.
Thanks for the comment!

I am a lost for words

wait I have some... That'll be $6.95.


-HAHAHAHAHAHA....that'll be $6.95. very good pirate voice acting.

Half Assed...

10/10 5/5