Reviews for "Half Assed Pirates"


That guy's ridiculously good at talking like a pirate. How did he learn how to do that?

jaxxy responds:

He was born and blessed with godly vocal cords. :3

Good work!

I find this video funny. Good audio and nice animation, but try to make it a bit longer next time... Can't wait!! :)

Wrong term

The words aren't actually Half Assed. It's actually one word and it's a real english term. Haphazard means unorganized, the same as what you're thinking.

I think the best of pirate day :)

I didn't understan half what he said, but in the end it was really funy. Im starting to like your style even if it isnt as great as previous works. So great voice acting and keep going.


poopchum burger and fishcrap? wtf is with that?
btw when you pause it the pirates eyes still blink lol.
The art was good same withe the voice but i dont think it was that funny.
I still give you 5 so you don't start crying.
Also what is that yellow thing he is holding?

jaxxy responds:

you're a gay fish.