Reviews for "Half Assed Pirates"


so funny

that was great!

lolz make more

I've seen a whole lot worse.

You have a very high standard for your submissions, but DO NOT sell your skills short. There are stuff that manage to somehow stick to the archives that are far worse and I'm sure that there was 'once upon a time' stuff worse than those submissions and I'm going back to when I first found Newgrounds in 2000. Keep up the very good work.


Both the TomaMoto pirate voice and the animation was Great :D

Don't see your self short...

The animation is GREAT so is the voice.... It was short and sweet and i love it so much. Don't put your self down after a work of art that you submitted. I love Josh's voice in this flash he NEEDS to go professional and get a job with pixar or dream-works they will eat him up. Keep up the great work and hope too see more. Congrats on second. =)