Reviews for "Toss the Turtle"


do you like pokemon, digda beats you into the air and the turtle kinda looks like squirtle ^^ i acctualy dont like browser games but this one is incredible i was looking for a cool game to play cuz i am on holiday in lyon and i think i found it at 00:00 and played till 03:30 xDD
i hope you keep doing so cool games
btw i always get abused by that f@cking UFO when i rech 2.200.000 points if i am to high..


This game is one of the best! Who won't enjoy to brutally kill this cute turtle!


Got all of the medals, beat the game, and it's still fun to just play.


There's really very little to say on this game that hasn't been said in the previous 12k reviews, but none the less this is a superb game with a high degree of playability, it's gorgeously drawn and coded in a solid fashion. It deserves to be mentioned that this game is scarily addictive, and that teamed with the free time that illness provides, hours go past unnoticed. In this time I've learnt that the AK is by far the best gun in the game and using it alongside the tank and missile can get you to 1600000ft+ without hitting the ground.


This game is really fun, ive spent at least 3-4 hours straight on it.