Reviews for "Toss the Turtle"

Wow beaten to the punch

I was totally about to say the same thing after playing some kitten cannon recently. but of course, even though i beat this game two days ago and i was coming here only to write this review, someone beat me to the punch, compared to your game Kitten Cannon sucks pretty terribly. Thank you for making this game. I really appreciate it.

Very fun

A HUGE variety of things to run into and the gun is a nice touch The running through things at a high rate of speed was annoying but understandable considering the extremely high fps required

10, No matter what.

Theres no reason this game should not be in the All-Time category, it is simply amazing to play, and extremely addicting. Thanks for this. ^^

Amazing game!

The awesomeness of this game brings a tear to chuck norris's eye.

Great game! I freaking love the banana.