Reviews for "Toss the Turtle"

Kitten Cannon!

Its about time someone revived this genre! I used to love Kitten Cannon!... by the way... I juggled a turtle in space with a .50 calibre weapon after shooting him out of a tank's howitzer... and now im off to the psych ward... seriously how sane does that sound? anyways this killed about 3 hours of my shift (im a security guard) I needed this. Thanks!

medal madness

i cant get the icarus and question mark medals i just dunno how to do it please help me

Holy Crap

I really like this game. Normially I dont like this kind. I mean all you do is shoot something out of a cannon and watch the mayhem. But this one is really good. I do like the upgrades. A few notes for you. I like the concept of the floating spikes alltho they kinda suck because they can end a really good run but thats the point of the game lol. Keep up the good work, maybe when you make the next one you can make it eaiser to start out and harder to upgrade. This one its hard to start out and really easy to upgrade as you go along. P.S. Where can I get the music for this game, I want to set it as my ring tone.

Great game!

Had a blast playing this, capped out at 3.18 Million!

Look forward to your future work!