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Reviews for "Day Dreamer Dan"


I loved the part with the cloud

Loved it :*)

The best thing i've ever seen... :) Makes me happy watching it, the ending ruined it a bit :(

Yeah about that...

Guess Dan's too much of a dumb ass and too busy daydreaming in school to have caught that science lecture about how the sun is a super heated ball of death, billions of degrees hot. Maybe if the R'tard spent less time daydreaming, he'd think of practical day dreams such as women with bit tits, and not something as dumb as visiting the sun, turning him into a melting flesh pile of screams, agony, hundreds of thousands of miles away from its surface. No, he'll just go on daydreaming though, and when one day he does invent that spaceship that will carry him to the sun, his last thoughts will be about the regrets he had not banging big breasted women instead of traveling to the sun and perishing in its unbiased inferno of doom. Here's to you Dan, the winner of a future Darwin award. Tool. Good concept though, I liked the animation.

Well done!

Couldn't hear what they said, but it was executed beautifully, and the score fit the video to the T! Nice job.

Very Cool

Nice and relaxing, good background song, good animation, great story, funny ending. 10/10 is the perfect score. Love It!