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Reviews for "Day Dreamer Dan"

quite resfreshing

i liked it man, congrats. i hope this got you a good mark in your course. the music used went hand in hand with the flash, and i'd like to see some more of your work in the future. -1 for a peeing cloud. was hilarious though.


It has a nice charm to it. I like it.

I loved it!

The music is real good, May I ask what it is?

-Your own Assembly
-Newgrounds Audio Portal Toon

I am intrigued would like to be able to Download this music.

i love it

the end is magic :<> !!!

Loved it!

That was actually really nice and a refreshing change from the usual toons. Had a sort of Calvin and Hobbes vibe to it. I'm really glad this made front page it was earned. Good job!


Wyndham responds:

Love Calvin and Hobbes, been reading them since I was wee young lad. Must say it could be a big influence to this animation.

Thanks for the kind words!