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Reviews for "Day Dreamer Dan"


I don't care what everyone else says, that cloud absolutely made my day. 5/10/fave'd for that. :P

Good, but simpler would have been better

I would have enjoyed this much more if it didn't have any voicework, and if the entire hot air balloon sequence was omitted. And the slapstick face-to-desk could have been replaced with something a bit more subtle, as well.

The music was very nice, and I think provided enough narration and personality that the voices were unnecessary.

Maybe my interpretation is just different from your intent for the piece, but I thought it was almost perfect as a short, whimsical piece, more about charm than humor. Without the balloon sequence, the more dramatic rocket sequence would be more obvious as a bit of snarky revenge for the teacher's grumpiness, even if only in Dan's head.

Like I said, what I've described could be not at all what you were going for, but I enjoyed it regardless. :)

Very nice!

this calms you down when you had a very rough day.


When it said he wanted to be the first kid on the sun I imediately thought of him spontaneusly combusting(A.K.A suddenly bursting into flames.........but it sounds so much funnier whan you say it the other way right?)


LOL Dan really likes breaking the roof of his school. :D Nice job on the flash. :P