Reviews for "Metal Gill Jawesome"

Response to the authors response to R34P3RDUD3

I think I detect a little sarcasm in that response =P


I guess the reason i dont get this i because ive never played this game but um the animations not that good you should've let egoraptor animate it.

Jonas responds:

Great idea, I'll get him to animate all my cartoons from now on. I'm sure he won't mind.

Good "Fish" rendition

Pretty good writing as far as the jokes go. Naturally anyone who's seen the original will notice that some of the dialog was used from it, but as long as its in cannon with the video. Pretty much no complaints, keep up the good work.

Very Funny

lol'd hard. didnt expect THAT. hilarious ideas (Psycho Prawntis ^^).
Great Voice Acting. I realy love it.
Hope to see and hear more !


...Tuna snatch.