Reviews for "Metal Gill Jawesome"

Funny, but still...

That was great! Not as cool as the original, but it was still funny and that was a good idea to use the sea words and all that stuff. Keep it up ;)

Not the same but in a good way

This isn't suposed to be better than MetalGearAwesome i noticed that, it's a remake of a great flash movie just made for fun. I love the replacement of some of the words from MetalGearAwesome with shark and underwater puns.However after awhile the shark puns kinda do get annoying but i still like the idea of changing MetalGearAwesome up a little bit and putting sharks.

Doesn't even make sense.

But it's fucking hilarious.


I have to admitt it wasn't as good as the original but, look at it as a more child friendly versjon (just that it's funny for grown ups to xD

Not the same

Not as good or even close.