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Reviews for "SIMGIRLS version 6.6"

Love the game but NGL. I barely even bother wiuth the model agency. it kinda sucks. even when you use luck to get lots more energy, sana goes every time even though she SHOULD be out of energy. On top of that it doesnt amtter what you do, you start building your fan base even a little, sana jsut uses seduction and steals al lyour girls entire fan base every turn. so literally all you end up doing is building up her fan base... it feels insanely rigged and seems horrible. thus I dont care tyo do the modeling agency at all. sana needs hard nerfed. other then that games great though.

why does karin act like a cat no matter the choice you choose?

It was classic until some parts of game mechanism changed. Now the date answers are randomized and there is no cheat to answers. It's alright but why would anyone enjoy typing all the answers? Moreover, there is a need to take intricate care of status in order to unlock Day 17, Day 30 and side stories of Kotomi and Tomoko. This only kills fun and makes players paranoid. I only replay this game today to have fun. Shall I revert to v5?

There is also incremental bug in saving.

This game is now old enough to fuck. I can't believe 18 years goes by so fast.

wow took me 10 years to realize and to revisit that the game is based from dna2 im so headass boi lmaooooooo this i played this when i was 13 im now 23 now and its nice that this game is still here...