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Reviews for "SIMGIRLS version 6.6"

i used to play this all the time so happy i found it again

What's the point in the black rock's

Ami is wifey material

Just watch DNA2

A entertaining, strategic, and sexy dating sim that you can easily get around 15 hours on if you intend on getting the most out of it.

This game is much longer and detailed than anything else that has come out on the portal thus far. It has around 10 endings, and many unique features and mini games. For 2002 this is especially complex. A minigame, such as the fighting, swimming, driving, model agency, or cafe could have very well been an entire stand alone submission at the time, but this has all of those combined and more.

As for the main aspects of the game, I thought they were done well overall. Time management was imperative to your success at the end of the story. The dating system was mostly solid, Even though you had to type out most of the answers, which is mildly inconvenient, this made it so that you had to actually memorize (or write down) the girls' preferences that were generated for that play through. And finally there were a ton of extra cut scenes and conversations to be had along the side.

I felt that the endings weren't really equally interesting, in the sense that some were just bland, and two of them had so much more to them than the others. (specifically Sana and the mega playboy ending.) Though this makes sense because some endings are harder to get than others, it doesn't do a dating sim any favors by making some girls more favored than the others.

Although this was a great game, there were a surplus of issues I had with it, none of them being major, but rather minor things that separate this from professional. You've probably stopped all updates on this game, but I'll make a list anyways.

List of bugs/exploits/problems:
- Dating Ami, when you went to Blue Mountain, would only increase your strength and not take you on the date at all. This makes you able to click on it repetitively to get to max strength by dating her once because you never left the menu.

- Karen past the firework festival. It's odd enough that you have to go with Tomoko to get Karen as a lover, but that not all. After she says she'll be in the slums and you have a chance to bump into her fully restoring energy. There is no limit to this, effectively breaking the time management portion of the game past day 63.

- When training girls in the model agency luck would decrease when you trained intelligence. (I did not confirm this, but it what seemed to happen, if not it was just a separate bug that lowered luck for no reason. Still a problem none the less.)

- There were inconsistent designs for your character. Pretty much whenever you get into a cutscene you looked different each time. Not sure why this is, or if it's some kind of joke, but it ranges from hair color, to face shape, and I think one even had a much lighter skin tone than the others.

- Continuing on that, there were a few decreases in art quality at random times. Such as in the H-goddess ending, or when you date Sana one of the times.

- Quite a few times the word "you' was put instead of "your."

- Relationship points displayed as negative numbers at one point? I have no idea why

- Stone trading is way too easy to manipulate to get infinite cash. All you need to do is reload and sleep until you get the desired price.

- Saving and reloading the game when you open the game again, it will load you on the next day with the same energy as the previous. If you load back it will take you to your true day, but for instance, saving on 99 will take to 100 and lock your save file on the ending screen.

- There is a lot of shallow dialogue, and exhibitionism. Not a problem for some people, but others would be turned away.

- Favoritism on Tomoko, she has like 3 endings while the others have one or two max. As stated before, this doesn't do a dating sim favors. (ex: I liked Ami, but she had a supper terrible ending that made you go after Karen for no reason.)


Whew, that was a long review, for a long game. As stated in the beginning, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and not just because there was nudity. (I actually skipped through most of it because I was streaming.) Not sure if it's "the best online dating sim" that seems a bit pretentious, but it was definitely a good one for the time. Great job Sim-man.

PS: nice self-inserts I found them quite funny.