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Reviews for "SIMGIRLS version 6.6"


Played it as a kid when I didn't even know what a sim was and it was pretty cool

Quite the update. Only thing I caught, Ami says you can raise charm at the pub, though now it's at the love hotel

When you first start the game, what are you supposed to wait for at school.?

ese juego es un clasico ese juego es de la epoca de oro de newgrouds xd era de losinicios juego es en los juegos y8 y eso que es una pagina de niƱos juegos y8 tiene un juego porno ese entose esos graficos era la verga ese en tose pero ya no ese es un juego crasico de newgrounds

Its literally fucking impossible to romance any of these retarded girls. Every date gets fucked up because they need 50+ answers and im not writing any of this shit down either, so how am I supposed to remember this? The game doesnt even respond half of the time, its so broken and shitty