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Reviews for "Journeys of Reemus: Ch 3"

Great Game, just one tiny thing!

Really enjoyed this game, a lot of good fun ^^ Like the exterminator medal thing, so obvious yet not at the same time. I really like the game, but just to be a bit picky, the animal groups. They are rather specific, birds, flightless birds, crustaceans, mammals and "sea creatures" which would have been fine if you didnt count a whale as a mammal you could get away with "land mamals" and "sea creatures" However! You put dolphin with the other 2 fish! Though understandably its probably hard to come up with 3 obvious fish silhouettes. But yes, my point being, dolphin = mammal, not fish =D

Zeebarf responds:

There's no dolphins in that puzzle for the love of fuck


You have a bright future my friend. You took all of the elements that make an appealing game, and you hit the bull's eye. Well done. My best advice is to get into the professional industry right now and use your talents. Save us from mediocre titles and turn Reemus into a video game legacy.


A very cool and smooth Adventure!!!

Noce Series.

I lik it but i dont get it

i dont get the part where you get to the part where you have to do something with the foutain with colors, i need help!!!

:) good work

wow , Good Work , i like it , is have a good gameplay , i finish all the three medals in 40 minutes, is anyone need help send me a PM :),this game is like a comedy , the only difference is : you can play it XD,but i don't know how reemus and liaf can glyde with that squirrel =O..., whatever when you make the Several Journeys Of Reemus 4? i want to play it ,but like this ok?